Conflict Resolution Training for your workplace or community organization

Conflict is an every day part of work and life.  Having simple and effective strategies for identifying the root cause and finding satisfying resolution for all involved is a valuable tool for any team.  I provide engaging, collaborative, active, and informative training for many different types of conflict encountered on a daily basis.

Contact me for training on these topics:

  • Inner-office disagreements, drama, lack of communication skills
  • Teacher training- MS-Early College- (Conflict in the classroom, classroom management)
  • Origins of Conflict-recognizing and responding to the roots of conflict
  • Understanding perceptions vs. intentions
  • Strategic Listening Skills
  • Client/Staff relationship building techniques
  • Staff team building
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Negativity in the workplace
  • Empathy and neutrality in your language


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