This is something that is helpful to apply in all areas of life. Problem solving happens nearly daily for everyone. This was a great opportunity. I think that everyone should be required to have this training!
— Training Participant

Conflict Coaching and Consultation

Conflict is a normal and constant part of our lives. Conflict effects our relationships, whether they are at home, work, school or other parts of our lives.  We all have learned responses for conflicts we encounter and if you are feeling dissatisfied by your conflict outcomes, it may be time for you to try something different!

A Consultation relationship can vary depending on the needs of the organization.  My specialties are in helping organizations determine opportunities for more effective feedback structures that increase productivity and reduce defensiveness to constructive criticism.  I have designed a formula that can be applied to a wide range of organization structures and help employee retention and satisfaction while reducing recidivism and office conflicts.

A Conflict Coaching relationship includes four to six one hour sessions, where the topics are set by the individual's goals and focused on lasting and satisfying outcomes for all involved.  Sessions can be done via phone, Skype, Google Chat, or (if possible), in person.  Common topics to explore during conflict coaching are:

  • Individual Coaching and Consulting for leaders and rising leaders

  • Whole organization assessment and implementation of effective feedback structure


  • Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution training for Professional Development
  • Teen/Parent dynamics and recurring conflicts
  • Recurring conflicts with friends/family/coworkers
  • Confidence and Collaboration in Leadership

As a consultant, I have the joy of supporting you in discovering your own strengths to manage your own conflict.  I am a non-judgmental observer and an experienced teacher and guide in these processes.  I am able to help you learn the skills to manage conflict situations for yourself, explore the roots of the conflicts you encounter and witness the repair and enrichment in the relationships in your life.

Contact Robin for a free half hour conversation to see if Conflict Coaching or Consultation is right for you:  Contact Robin