As your Coach and Consultant, I have the joy of supporting you and your organization in discovering your own strengths.

I help you to manage and understand: conflict, team and company culture, feedback strategy, and effective communication skills. I am a nonjudgmental observer and an experienced teacher and guide in these processes. I help you learn the skills to manage difficult situations, explore the roots of the conflicts you encounter, and witness the repair and enrichment of relationships in your life and workplace.

Leadership and Organizational Development Services Include:

• Coaching and Consulting for leaders and rising leaders

• Organizational Feedback Culture (OFC) Creation © CCS 2017

• Professional Development Training

• Actualized Leadership Profile and Group Culture Profile Assessment Delivery

• Facilitation or Mediation for meetings and sensitive conversations

• Referrals to other community resources

• Keynotes and speaking engagements

Coaching and Consultation

A Consultation relationship can vary depending on the needs of the organization.  My specialties are in helping organizations determine opportunities for more effective feedback structures that increase productivity and reduce defensiveness to constructive criticism.  I have designed a formula that can be applied to a wide range of organization structures and help employee retention and satisfaction while reducing recidivism and office conflicts.

A Conflict Coaching relationship includes a minimum of 6 months commitment.  The topics are set by the individual's goals and focused on lasting and satisfying outcomes for all involved.  Sessions can be done via phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person.  

Common topics to explore during coaching are:

  • Individual goals and problem-solving

  • Implementation of effective feedback culture

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution

  • Transformational Change (ALP/GCP/ALP 360) Assessment Tool Debrief

  • Confidence and Collaboration in Leadership

Training for your workplace or community organization:

Conflict is an every day part of work and life.  Having simple and effective strategies for identifying the root cause and finding satisfying resolution for all involved is a valuable tool for any team.  I provide engaging, collaborative, active, and informative training for many different types of conflict encountered on a daily basis.

Contact me for training on these topics:

  • Inner-office disagreements, drama, lack of communication skills
  • Teacher training- MS-Early College- (Conflict in the classroom, classroom management)
  • Origins of Conflict-recognizing and responding to the roots of conflict
  • Understanding perceptions vs. intentions
  • Active and Strategic Listening Skills
  • Client/Staff relationship building techniques
  • Staff team building
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Negativity in the workplace
  • Empathy and neutrality in your language

“This is something that is helpful to apply in all areas of life. Problem solving happens nearly daily for everyone. This was a great opportunity. I think that everyone should be required to have this training!” 

-Professional Development Training Participant