Robin can speak to your organization, your school, or your donors.  

She is an Executive Consultant, Mediator, Educator, and Storyteller. For over 10 years, she has been committed to working with communities of all kinds in pursuit of creating satisfying lives through mutual understanding.  Having worked in the field of conflict resolution for her entire career, Robin brings insight about what it really takes to find lasting resolution, both as a group and as individuals.

Deep Accountability means:

Each of us is in control of our own contentment.

People find contentment when we are doing our best to improve the world in the ways that our values guide us. 

Blaming others for our feelings is the inverse of accountability.

Our actions belong to us; each person takes credit for their successes and failures.

Each of us is responsible for being aware of and communicating effectively about our own choices and boundaries.

Deep Accountability is a concept that appears throughout all of the work that Robin does, and her public speaking programs reflect that theme.

Robin has presented to thousands of people about the opportunities that can be created when we engage intentionally in our conflicts.

She is the owner/operator of Community Conflict Solutions, a business based on the idea that teaching communication skills can guide long term and positive transformation for individuals, communities, and the world.

In Robin's TEDx Tryon 2016 talk, she helps explore the three roots of conflict and how to respond in ways that create positive outcomes for conflicts in our daily lives.

To book Robin for a speaking event, you may contact her here.