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I believe that teaching resolution skills is a way to guide long term transformation.  In using these skills throughout the rest of their lives, my clients can guide the world towards true satisfaction and productive dialogue for our global issues.

I have been committed and confident in working with community, youth, and families for my whole career. I have been committed to working with youth and problem solving since 2006.  I have been a certified mediator since 2008 and a professional youth mediator since 2011.  I am a certified life coach and seasoned at-risk youth professional. I believe that guiding people, especially teens and the adults who guide them, to find their own path to resolution is the most rewarding experience for all involved.

Robin's Background:

I began my career path in working with corporate, youth, church and community groups in team building and group problem-solving. I have worked in wilderness, business and school settings helping guide clients through difficult life changes and challenges.

I have facilitated hundreds of mediation sessions and individual problem-solving sessions as well as presented for thousands of people on the opportunites that can be created from engaging in positive conflict resolution skills.

I absolutely love training people in conflict resolution skills and have had over 10 years experience presenting to groups. Working one on one with people is also such a rewarding endeavor and I end up learning along with you as we work together to brainstorm new ways to manage conflict.

I am a certified mediator, conflict consultant and life coach as well as a happilly married wife and mother.