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Conflict is a catalyst for change...

Community Conflict Solutions was launched in 2015 with the goal of creating satisfying lives through mutual understanding.

I teach and empower community members to find satisfying resolutions for everyday conflict. Developing skills for resolving conflict in a positive and productive way leads to a healthier future for individuals and for our global community. 

Leadership & Organizational Development

Supporting organizations to manage and understand conflict, team and company culture, feedback strategy, and effective communication skills.
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Community Mediation

Facilitating productive dialogue honoring each individual's concerns, with the goal of creating strong and mutually satisfying contracts.
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Youth Advocacy

Passionately sponsoring youth advocacy projects by direct donations to organizations that support youth-at-risk, locally and globally.
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Public Speaking

Teaching conflict resolution skills that can guide long term and positive transformation for individuals, our communities, and the world.
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CCS brings communities together.

Conflict is a catalyst for change, and when we embrace, understand and take intentional action in those moments, we bring about positive new beginnings in our lives, our relationships and the world.
— Robin Funsten, Conflict Consultant