TEDx Tryon

How Understanding Conflict can Help Improve our Lives

Robin Funsten has a knack for conflict-more specifically, in its successful resolution. She challenges us to look at the inevitable conflicts we face as opportunities for providing positive and lasting change. Robin is a Mediator, Conflict Consultant, experienced Educator, Life Coach and Public Speaker.

Asheville Grit 

Asheville Grit writer Ali McGhee interviews Robin about her business, her dreams and her life. Covering everything from Community Conflict Solutions offerings all the way to Robin's caving hobbies, this story is a great way to get to know Robin a bit better!

LIVE: Keys to Conflict Resolution

In this special free public LIVE Session, Adam Apollo, of The Guardian Alliance interviews Robin Funsten, mediator, consultant, and educator. In this hour-long live video recording we discuss techniques and practices for effective conflict resolution across a variety of fields.

WLOS Live Interview

I like to stay publicly neutral about who my choices for political candidates are. What I am happy to publicly appreciate was the final question from one of the 2016 Presidential Candidate debates.

In this 45 minute long audio interview, Brian Soucier interviews Robin about her background, life and discuss some valuable tips about engaging productively in daily conflicts.